St. Maries Joint School District 41
Superintendent: Joe Kren
The district office is located at 240 11th Street in St. Maries and may be reached at 245-2579.

School Board Members: Margaret Gannon, Donny Masterson, Chris Ashmead, Sandy Kennelly and Archie McGregor III.

Heyburn Elementary
Principal: Connie Mavity
Phone: 245-2025

St. Maries Middle School
Principal: Dennis Kachelmier
Phone: 245-3495

St. Maries High School
Principal: John Cordell
Phone: 245-2142

Upriver School
Phone: 245-3650

Community Education Center
Principal: John Cordell
Phone: 245-2152

Kootenai School District 274
Superintendent: Lynette Ferguson
Administrative offices may be reached at 689-3631

School Board: Will Butler, Mitch Donohoe, John Kraack, Jon Verkist and Rich Dombrowski

Harrison Elementary
Phone: 689-3511
Kootenai Junior-Senior High School
Principal: Tim Schultz
Phone: 689-3311

Plummer/Worley Joint School District 44
Superintendent: Judi Sharrett
Administrative offices are located at 1157 E Street in Plummer and can be reached at 686-1621

School Board:  Kathy Anderson, Tammy Guthier, Ida (J.R.) Gustin, Rick McCully, Paul Daman, Marlow Thompson and Tim Clark

Lakeside Elementary School
Principal: Mike Crabtree

Phone: 686-1651

Lakeside Middle School
Principal: John Brumley
Phone: 686-1627

Lakeside High School
Principal: John Brumley
Phone: 686-1937

Avery/Calder/Clarkia School District 394
Superintendent: Carl Morgan
Avery administrative offices may be reached at 245-2479

School Board: Kay Turley, Sidney Sutherland, Eric Lenz, Charles Barnes, and Chris Carney

Calder Elementary School
First through eighth grades
Office manager: Sheila Cottier
Phone: 245-2479

St. Maries Head Start

Center Manager: Linda Wienmann
Phone: 245-6591
Address: 1230 Main Ave.

Coeur D’Alene Tribal Head Start
P.O. Box 408
Plummer, Idaho  83851
Phone: 208/686-6205 (G)
Fax: 208/686-6501

CDA Tribal School
Superintendent: Erik Kendra
Principal: Donovan Chase
The school is located in DeSmet and can be reached at 686-5808
School Board: Norma Jean Louie, Chair; Joan (Candi) Abraham, Vice-Chair; members Carol Pluff, Vicki Mahoney, and Jeanine Sayler

St. Maries Seventh Day Adventist Christian School
201 N. 8th Street, Ste. 11, St. Maries,