Visit St. Maries!


You were here for the run, now come back for the ride! The challenging bicycle tour takes riders through the beautiful and timbered portions of Benewah County, Saturday, Sept. 15.

The 30 mile and “Eleventury” (111 miles) courses follow State 3 south of St. Maries. The 30 mile ride returns to St. Maries, and the longer ride continues over the Palouse Divide.

The Eleventury is a 111 mile challenging tour in with almost 7000 ft.’ of climbing. One of the prettiest rides you’ll ever do! The 30 mile ride features almost 2500 ft. of climbing and is a great end of season ride for the fitness cyclist.

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The fabulous scenery and friendly people makes this a great place to visit; whether you run, ride, swim, hike, hunt or fish, it’s time to visit St. Maries.

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