Constructing a Community


There are towns everywhere.

Communities, however, are different; rare even because they have to be created. They are formed by people and fostered through hard work. It doesn’t have to be something as organized as a recycling project or any type of major platform to make an impact — although those are nice too.

Take Little League, for example.

T-ball coaches Lena Myers and Shasta Olson help their team in the outfield. Photo courtsey of Pam Neff Olson

Dozens of people volunteer countless hours all in an effort to make spring a little more special for a group of kids and their families. Don’t believe me? Walk down to City Park on any weekday afternoon, and you’ll find it swarming with children, decked out in uniforms and matching hats – many of them members of an actual team for the first time. And most of ‘em having the times of their lives.

All because a few people got together and decided it needed to be done.

We don’t need politicians urging us to volunteer. We don’t need public service announcements calling us to action. We do it because we love it. It’s genuine … subtle yet meaningful.

Volunteerism at its finest.


T-ball coach Lena Myers congratulates a player after he made it to first.

**For more examples of our community in action, check out what our Paul Bunyan Days committee does for our annual Paul Bunyan Days celebration over the Labor Day weekend, the St. Maries Elks’ organization does with Elks Christmas Baskets and the way our Chamber of Commerce organizes countless events throughout the year, including one of my favorites, Christmas in St. Maries.

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