Merry Merry Christmas!!!


Whether it’s a single string of glittering white lights lacing a roof line or a yard full of brightly lit trees and standing ornaments, several area homes are trimmed in holiday lights and brighten these longest winter nights.

Add freshly fallen snow and you’ll find glowing landscapes as lovely as any Christmas card.

Most every neighborhood, from Shepherd Road to River Pine Estates, from Cottonwood Drive to Capitol Hill, has at least one exceptional display.

Along West Jefferson Avenue, Dale and Robin Baerlocher’s home combines the old and the new, in their holiday decorations. From the old-style twinkle lights and the glistening icicles, to the new strings of LED that glow in the night, the Baerlocher’s home is a sight to behold.

In the tradition began in their first home more than 50 years ago, Jack and Lorna Botts have decorated the house, trees, fence line and much of the shrubbery in their yard in a glowing, holiday green.

Mr. Botts had considered cutting back the number of lights he hung this year, but worked until nearly every corner of their large city lot is bedecked and bedazzled.

Further west, Cromwell Drive near the Assembly of God Church is another sight you won’t want to miss as much of the street leading into the cul-de-sac is trimmed in holiday lights.

Tom and Peg Carver’s corner lot is a welcoming sight as you enter the street where homes, both north and south are decorated for the season. And don’t miss the large, air-filled Santa stands in a hot air balloon, a piece that is sure to delight sightseers of all ages.

This year’s displays and lights on west Washington Avenue in the southwest corner of town may top the ever-popular Second Street and Capitol Hill neighborhoods.

At 21st Street the short dead end street is a glimpse of a winter wonderland where the Lewis family, the Wilkersons and Gabriel Sullivan have trimmed the trees and decorated their yards.

The lights continue to the east to include a charming display at the corner of Washington Avenue and 20th Street.

Perhaps the most dazzling display in town can be seen from State 5, behind the fairgrounds near Cabin City. The lights beckon passersby to take turn around the block for a second, longer look where stands a fabulous display put together by the Sorensons at their St. Maries Avenue home.

The house is trimmed from its upper story windows and dormers to the light post at the end of their short driveway. A nativity scene is spotlighted in the yard, with every shrub, every bush set to shine. Although theirs is not a large front yard, it is a magnificent scene.

Ten miles to the north of St. Mares, it’s said that Teresa and Tim Kraack’s home at the top of Peterson Hill on Harrison Flats, becomes brighter every year as the family adds new displays and new arrangements. There’s a manger scene and Santa Claus, a few reindeer and WSU Cougar emblems. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Perhaps the grandest display, and certainly the one that should be at the top of the list of must-see displays, is the one at Arlo and Michelle Slack’s Evergreen Terrace home.

At first glance the blinking, flashing colors look like another gaudy, overly commercialized cluster of holiday glitz. However, a sign instructs drivers to tune their stereos to FM 107.5.

Once done, the blinking and twinkling lights become a mesmerizing, choreographed scene of music and lights.

Set against the snow-covered yard with classic Christmas music piped in through the car stereo the dancing lights become more than just another decorated house. The scene captivates its audience with the magic and wonder of Christmas.

So warm up the car, bundle up your family and head out to enjoy some of the sights of this glorious season.


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