Some really great people live here!


There are some great people in St. Maries and the St. Joe Valley, and 18- year-old Chace Maughan is one of them.

With the help of the community, Chace was able to revamp the rest area at the Santa Y.

Chace Maughan started the project in May, 2011 as part of his Eagle Scout project and finished the project in August. He organized the project, the sought, and received, support from the community.

Chase leveled the ground around the restrooms and poured concrete around them, added a colored concrete walkway, railings and signs including an area map. He also put in new garbage cans and painted the restroom facilities inside and out. Picnic tables were placed in front, and log barriers were placed in front of the concrete to prevent vehicles from driving on top of it.

Chace figures there was more $10,000 worth of work put into the project including materials, labor and time, much of it donated by area individuals and businesses.

Maughan is attending Brigham Young University where he is taking general studies. He is the son of Paul and Jerrie Maughan.

Yep, Chace Maughan, and his family, are a couple of the things that make St. Maries a great place to live.


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