There’s a new sheriff in town. . . or there will be in January.


Republican Dave Resser came out the winner in the highly-contested battle for Benewah County Sheriff. He finished in front of Democrat Rick O’Donnell by 638 votes, while write-in candidate Jim Comack received the support of 179 voters.

The other Benewah County contest was that for Benewah County Commissioner. Voters decided to keep Commissioner Bud McCall, giving him 1,075 votes over his opponent, Republican Tom Howard.

District 5 legislative races were closer. The closest being the race for Representative Seat A, with Rep. Cindy Agidius winning by 61 votes. Rep. Ken De Vries lost the race for Seat B to Dem. Shirley Ringo by 964 votes. Dem. Dan Schmidt retained his seat in the Senate defeating Rep. Gresham Bouma by 275 votes.

In statewide results, both amendments to the state constitution, including SJR 102, involving the Board of Corrections managing felony probation, and HJR 2AA, involving protecting hunting, fishing and trapping as a way of life, passed. All three propositions involving educational reforms proposed by Superintendent Tom Luna and approved by the legislature earlier this year were rejected by voters.

Rep. Raul Labrador was reelected to serve as the U.S. Representative for District 1.

Benewah County voters cast their ballots as follows:


Rep. Dave Resser    2,162

Dem. Rick O’Donnell    1,524

Writ-in Jim Comack    179

Commissioner District 1

Dem. Jack Buell    2,925
Commissioner District 3

Dem. Bud McCall    2,426

Rep. Tom Howard    1,351

Prosecuting Attorney

Doug Payne    2,480

Magistrate Patrick McFadden Retention

Yes    3,115

No    723

In other Idaho races voted upon by area residents:

District 5 Senate

Dem. Dan Schmidt    8,254

Rep. Gresham Bouma    7,979
District 5 Representative Seat A

Rep. Cindy Agidius    8,069

Dem. Paulette Jordan    8,008


District 5 Representative Seat B

Dem. Shirley Ringo    8,502

Rep. Ken De Vries    7,538
U.S. Representative, District 1

Rep. Raul Labrador    148,153    62.9 percent

Dem. Jimmy Farris    73,244    31.1 percent

Lib. Rob Oates    8,900    3.8 percent

Ind. Pro-Life    5,284    2.2 percent

Poll results for amendments and propositions included:

S.J.R. 102:

Yes    358,806    74.6 percent

No    122,043    25.4 percent

H.J.R. 2aa:

Yes    363,430    74.3 percent

No    125,529    25.7 percent
Proposition 1

Yes    219,723    43.1 percent

No    289,646    56.9 percent

Proposition 2

Yes    216,257    42.4 percent

No    293,976    57.6 percent

Proposition 3

Yes    171,902    33.7 percent

No    337,825    66.3 percent


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