Winter is coming


Clearly I stole the title.

It’s a blatant ripoff from one of my favorite series of books (now a very popular – and quite good – television show on HBO).

In this context, however, the connotation is completely different from how it’s used in the books and on TV. Winter is not a bad word here in North Idaho, and we don’t use it as a warning.

We revel in it. Here, we love winter. We play, we explore, we do good things – heck – we plan events around the season.

Events like one of our most anticipated downtown affairs, Christmas in St. Maries.

Sabrina and Aubrey Hansen are pulled by sled dog in the 2012 parade.

This year’s celebration is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 7, and plans are already underway. By all accounts, it’ll be just as nuanced as the previous efforts with the usual focus on the detail that makes it incredibly special, such as horse-drawn carriage rides, a visit from Santa, open fire pits in the streets, and deals in every store. Small-town Christmas done right.

So, yes. Winter is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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