Paul Bunyan Days

It’s the people who, when you get right down to it, are the ones who make an event what it is.

People are the ones who shape a city, give a community its character.

They are the ones who make a town breathe.

Nathaniel Benham carries the American Flag at the start of the 2013 Paul Bunyan Days parade.

And no weekend defines our town quite like the one set aside for our Paul Bunyan Days Celebration.

The annual event held over the Labor Day weekend boasts a bevy of attractions that include a carnival in city park, a Junior Olympic skills competition, logging events, a quilt show, a 5K fun run, pool events, a parade along Main Avenue and a stunning fireworks display that fills an Idaho sky.

And don’t forget our hugely popular “topless” bar, the Blue Ox (we’re both clever and literal – the outdoor beer garden quite literally has no roof, and is therefore topless … made’ya look, huh?)

A quick glance through a few photos from the weekend proves the importance of character in a community.

Sure, you catch glimpses of the events and attractions, but mostly what you see is us: Children. Adults. Families. People.

Race Director Paul Ebert gives final instructions before the start of the Karen Ebert Run. Mr. Ebert founded the race, which has help generate more than $15,000 through the years for local scholarships.


Brock Barta (34) was among the leaders at the start of the Karen Ebert Run Saturday. Brock maintained his pace and placed second (to his twin brother) in his age group in the annual run.

Kristen Compton competes in the cross cut saw event while Suzanne Sotin times.

Members of the crowd watch Derek Barden compete in the 2013 logging events.

Josh Trull competes in the men's power saw.

The crowd watches as the 2013 Paul Bunyan Days parade marches down Main Avenue.