Broadcast storm


You won’t hear Hank Williams.

But the classic hits of the 1970s, 80s and 90s will continue. So will the news, sports coverage and special programs.

Theresa Plank says operations will continue as normal at KOFE Radio following the deaths of the station’s two prominent personalities, her husband, Phil Plank, and employee and family friend, Bill Anderson.

KOFE Radio

Mr. Anderson, who worked for the radio station in sales and as a sports broadcaster, died from a heart attack Oct. 15, 2013. Not quite a month later, Mr. Plank, the owner of the station, died following an extended illness.

Mrs. Plank said though many people have asked her if she plans to sell the station the answer at this time is no.

“We’re going to keep on doing what we’re doing,” Mrs. Plank said.

Mrs. Plank and her husband purchased the station in 2005 after they moved to St. Maries from Calipatria, Calif. Mr. Anderson joined them the same year as did Mr. Plank’s son-in-law, Timothy Parrish.

Mrs. Plank said her husband’s goal was to provide a quality broadcast for smaller markets. It is a legacy she hopes to continue.

“My husband owned several radio stations throughout his lifetime in the smaller markets,” Mrs. Plank said. “His goal was always to provide good, quality entertainment that you could listen to with the kids and you wouldn’t have to worry about turning it off.”

The loss of Mr. Plank and Mr. Anderson has shifted many of the responsibilities to Mr. Parrish.

“He married into it,” Mrs. Parrish said.

Mr. Parrish and his wife, Sandra, moved to St. Maries from California also in 2005. He took on a small role when the Plank’s purchased KOFE Radio.

“I wasn’t involved a whole lot,” he said. “I would do some technical stuff for them and then they forced me into climbing towers and stuff.”

“It was more like tricked,” Mrs. Plank joked. “We’d tell him he couldn’t do it or it wasn’t that bad.”

Mr. Parrish handled the morning show while Mr. Anderson covered all of St. Maries sports for the station. Mr. Plank focused on the music and politics. With their deaths, many of the hats are now being worn by Mr. Parrish.

“I just come and keep him company,” Mrs. Plank said.

Her husband started up his first radio station in 1968, after he attended York Technical College for two years. He married Theresa in 1977 and she joined him.

“It’s really been the people that keep us going,” she said. “It really has been. We’ve enjoyed the people we’ve met in the towns that we have lived. And here in St. Maries, we’ve made some really good friends. My husband was raised all over the world in Paris and in London, and he always gravitated to the smaller communities. I’ve always been a small-town girl.”

While both deaths have been hard for the family, they plan to continue to stay at the helm of the radio station.

“It’s the only local broadcast media here,” Mrs. Plank said. “We really appreciate the community’s support. We hope to continue and to make it bigger and better.”

The station will continue with its coverage of Lumberjacks sports, the Seahawks, Gonzaga basketball and the Vandals. Listeners can expect regular programs to continue as well as interviews with politicians. The music will also continue, but don’t expect there to be any more country music than there has been in the past, however.

“Phil hated country music,” Mrs. Plank said. “I loved country music. We used to joke with him that when he went we were going to play nothing but country music on the station.”

“But it just didn’t feel right,” Mr. Parrish said. “We will continue to play the classic hits, and that includes some country. We want to have a little bit of each genre.”

“It won’t be the real twang-y country,” Mrs. Plank added. “And there will be absolutely no rap.”

KOFE Radio tunes in at 1240 on the AM dial. To contact the station, call 245-1240.

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