Camping this holiday weekend?


It’s May!

As the weather is warmer, college kids are home, children (and their teachers) excitedly counting down the days to the end school year, and the grass needs mowed.  Without a doubt Memorial Day Weekend is the first big weekend of summer!

For some, summer means camping! And there’s likely no place on earth that is a more beautiful campsite the St. Joe Valley!

Heyburn State Park boasts some beautiful campgrounds and plenty of activities to for the entire family. It’s also close enough to stores and restaurants, that if you forget something, it can be found with a quick trip to town. Most of the sites are easily accessed from State 5. For more information you can visit their website.

If you’re more interested more remote or rustic campsites, check out the campgrounds up the St. Joe River. Nearly all of the sites are open for the big weekend.

However there is a huge pile of snow is the blocking the entrance Spruce Tree Campground. It will be melting pretty fast – unfortunately not in time for campers this weekend.

And the St. Joe Campground, Just 10 miles form St. Maries will stay closed this weekend. The melting snow, flowing into an already swollen St. Joe River, may cause some high water in campsites. For safety reasons, they’re keeping it closed.

But other than those two campgrounds the mountains are reading for visitors.

You can access Forest Service maps and information at




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