First time, top finish


Cory Flesher, featured in the July 5 article “A year later: Ironman start is weeks away”, finished Coeur d’ Alene’s full Ironman race Aug. 27 with a time of 12:28:14.

Flesher came in 183rd overall of the 840 athletes entered, and 145th out of the 592 men in the race.

Flesher said although it was hands down the hardest thing he’d ever done, he plans to do another full-distance Ironman in the distant future.

Cory Flesher2

“It was an incredible experience from all the training to crossing the finish line,” he said. “I had a great support crew cheering me on the whole way, which helped me through some of the tough times.”

He added that after biking 112 miles, the marathon was the most difficult portion of the three-part race comprised of swimming, biking and finally running a full marathon.

Flesher’s goal, after finishing, was to come in between the 12 and 13-hour mark, which he did nearly precisely with his time.

“I was very happy with my time,” he said. “My nutrition plan went very well, and I paced the bike right so I could still run a somewhat respectable marathon at the end.”

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