Get to Know: A Future Lumberjack


Ethan Hill
St. Maries Middle School 7th Grader
Winner of the 12-13 boys age group at the Elks Lodge Regional Hoop Shoot

Ethan Hill

1. At what age did you become interested in the sport of basketball?

I’ve played since an early age. Probably from when I was six or seven. I was always interested in basketball and played with the Upward Basketball Program out at the Nazarene church. And I’ve played AAU and now with the schoolís seventh grade team this year.

2. What made you want to compete in the local Elks Hoop Shoot free throw competition in St. Maries?

It was something my older cousin had mentioned to me. I think he’s a part of the Elks. It was my first time to compete in it. It was pretty fun. I got to compete with my friends.

3. After earning the trip to the regional competition, how often did you practice?

I practiced every day at basketball practice after school and played ball with my friends at their house. We usually have practice every day.

4. Tell us about your experience at the regional competition.

It was really exciting. The guy I went up against was really good. I was kind of nervous. We had 25 shots at first and we both made 19. Then we had a first shoot-off with five shots. He went first and made all five so I knew if I missed I would be going home. But I made five out of five. Then the second time he went he made five out of five so I knew I would have to do it again. The third time he went, he made his first shot and then missed his second and third. He made his fourth and fifth. Then I went. I made my first three and missed my fourth. I knew if I missed my fifth we’d go again so I just made the last shot.

5. How many total shots did you end up making at the regional competition?


6. What are you doing to get prepared for state? And when and where will state be held?

Just what I regularly do. I get to play ball at youth group, and will continue to practice during the week with my seventh grade team. I’m a little nervous about going. This will be my first time ever at a big competition. State is Feb. 14 at Blackfoot. I just hope to play my heart out and do the best that I can.

7. What makes a good free throw shot since that is what the competition is based on?

You just have to be comfortable. You have to line up your foot with the middle of the basket, whichever side you shoot with. I shoot right-handed and so I line up my right foot with the middle of the basket.

8. Are you on a local basketball team? What position(s) do you play?

I play on the seventh grade team (at St. Maries Middle School). I played as part of the Upward program from kindergarten through sixth grade. Pretty much ever since I could. I’m doing pretty good this season. I average about 15 points per game. I play wing and sometimes a high post just depends on the play.

9. What do you enjoy about the sport of basketball?

I just enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing a sport that I like a lot. My goal is to get better at the sport.

10. Do you plan to play the sport in high school?

I want to play in high school. I’m trying to get good enough so I can play on the varsity squad when I’m a freshman and then I’ll be able to play with my brother, Brady Martin, who will be a senior.

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