Here she is: BCH’s first baby of 2014


They had trouble deciding on a name, but the parents of this year’s first baby had help when it was time to spell their daughter’s name.

Sofia Lilly Rose Schnebly was born to Allen and Clarissa Schnebly of St. Maries at 7:34 a.m. Jan. 2. She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

First Baby

“I came in because I wanted them to give me something for my back because it was hurting and they told me you’re in labor,” Mrs. Schnebly said. “And then my girlfriend was telling me that I would probably have the first baby of the year.”

And as such, Sofia and her family received more than $700-worth of gifts from the staff at Benewah Community Hospital. Throughout the year hospital employees raise money by hosting luncheons. They use the money to purchase baby items to give to the family who has the first baby. This year, the family received a bassinet, clothes, toys, bathtub, blankets and more.

Eula Needham, environmental services manager at Benewah Community Hospital, said the downstairs crew has organized fundraisers to purchase items for the last 14 years.

“It’s grown quite a bit,” she said. “We used to just do one basket, but now we give them several different items. It’s gotten bigger and better. This year, St. Maries Floral and Gift donated a flower arrangement and Archie’s IGA donated a fruit basket.”

“We are so appreciative,” Mrs. Schnebly said. “Because she was a little early, everything here was needed. We have an awesome community. She was the best thing of the New Year, but this was also amazing.”

Sofia was the only name Mr. and Mrs. Schnebly agreed upon, they said.

“He wanted to name her Chevy, after the truck,” Mrs. Schnebly said. “I thought no, she’ll get made fun of. We also thought about Emma, but then it
would sound like Emily.”

Once they had settled on Sofia, the couple had planned to spell her name Sophia, but the Schnebly’s two-year-old son, Eian, helped suggest the alternative spelling.

“He is so excited for his little sister and calls her ‘Fi-Fi,'” Mrs. Schnebly said, “so that’s how we decided to spell her name with an ‘f.'”

The two middle names were given in honor of Mrs. Schnebly’s aunts.

Sofia is the granddaughter of Rick and Molly Schnebly of Plummer and Ben and Danika Fergus of Silverton, Ore.

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