It’s the people that make St. Maries great!


As we’ve said before, one of the many things that makes St. Maries a great place to live is the great people who live here.

Whether it’s the Rotary Club’s new playground at City Park, the Heyburn PTO’s Annual Harvest Festival or the Elks Community Christmas Basket, the people of the St. Maries community are quick to come together to make it happen.

Another great example was the Paul Bunyan Days celebration. Dozens of people worked throughout the year to provide a weekend of games, competitions and a one of the best fireworks shows in the northwest.

Volunteers from several area groups rallied to organize a fundraiser last weekend. The taco feed raised approximately $20,000 to help a local family pay for medical expenses.

Today there are several area volunteers working with the Inland Empire Blood Bank for one if its blood drives.  Tomorrow is the soup and pie fundraiser for the St. Maries Senior Meal Site, and Saturday is the first annual White Pine Pedal Mettle, a 30-mile and a 111-mile bike ride to raise money to restore the Masons building on College Avenue. Both events require long hours from dedicated volunteers to make it happen.

St. Maries has some great people making it a great place to live.


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