Not running Bloomsday? Let’s go fishing.



It looks as if the clear skies and cool temperatures have slowed the melt of the mountain snow and the St. Joe River is beginning to run clear which means its time to hit the river for some spring fishing.

Then again, any fisherman can tell you high water doesn’t stop the fish from eating. You just need to know what they like.

When fly fishing for cutthroat this time of year area fishermen prefer to use streamers or a wet fly to lure the cutthroat to the hook.

Then again, you might want to try your luck fishing for the Great Northern Pike. Fishermen report having caught the big sharp-toothed fish in the waters at St. Joe City and below. There’s also plenty of pike in the St. Maries River and pike is fun to catch!

The weatherman is predicting some pretty sweet weather this weekend. You should take advantage of it and wet a line.


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