One great ride


The inaugural ride of last weekend’s White Pine Pedal Mettle in the books and organizers considers it a success.

“We put on a quality ride,” organizer Tom Miller said. “This was a totally different event for St. Maries and it was so cool people got involved to make it happen.”

It was also a unique ride for the 18 participants. Several riders left St. Maries and rode 15 miles south on State 3 to the Santa Y and returned to St. Maries. The majority went on to complete the 111 miles, through a half-dozen little towns and communities, over the Palouse Divide, and back to St. Maries.

Along the routes, riders were greeted by residents and ride volunteers, providing water, snacks and words of encouragement.

Riders came from Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Moscow and Boise to participate, and they all had great things to say about the scenic beauty and the terrific people in and around St. Maries.

Next year will bring another ride, and likely more riders, but we’ll always have the same great scenery and  the people that make St. Maries great.

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