Our future is bright

It isn’t unheard of for our newspaper to be filled with features about local youngsters doing big, important things. But that doesn’t mean those accomplishments should be looked at as pedestrian because of the frequency of their occurrence. On the contrary. They should be highlighted. And are, as evidenced by a recent issue that detailed two students from two different high schools achieving greatness in two very different fields of study. First up, representing the left side of the brain: […]

Where do I sign up?

The question, of course, is rhetorical. Mainly because you don’t have to sign up, but also because you shouldn’t even be asking it in the first place. You should be on your way here already. Though a bit chilly, the weather is going to be lovely this weekend. Even as I type this, the sun is peeking through the fog as it’s lifting from our mountains, exposing red and yellow tree tips. Even Mother Nature wants you to celebrate with […]