Assembling Christmas

The deadline for the Elks Christmas Baskets was Monday. However, Sara Darden, chairman for the annual effort, said those who still need a basket may call to request one. As of Monday, Ms. Darden said she had received 189 applications and would be able to take a few more names. “I definitely have enough food for a few more baskets,” she said. “One of the reasons I do the deadline a week early is so I’m able to try to […]

Annual Pajama Party

More than 300 pairs of pajamas have been sewn for area children. Pat Davenport, of Grammies Jammies, said she only has 13 more pairs to finish before the pajamas are sorted and then distributed with the Elks Christmas Baskets. This was the third year for the effort, Ms. Davenport said. “It went smoother this year than it had in years past because we knew what we were doing. We actually had 90 percent of the pajamas finished by July. The […]

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