Celebrating a Half Century

Raleigh Hughes remembers a time when St. Maries’ future was uncertain. It was a half century ago, he and his wife Ardys were in their 30s and owned a small business. But work as an electrician and a contractor was unstable during those times – and Mr. Hughes was ready for a change. “I was tired of having to worry about collecting payments from customers,” he said. “I was ready for a little stability.” It’s quite possible, an entire community […]

Creating Connections

Saturdays were a highlight for Judith Brooks when she was a child. Each week, after having saved her pennies, she and her family would head to a red and white store on Fourth Street in Coeur d’Alene. “We’d buy penny candy,” Mrs. Brooks said. “They had a whole glass front of all the things you could get. We could even buy two things for one penny it was quite a deal. It was a favorite hangout as children.” Mrs. Brooks, […]

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