Corbin Scheer, Heyburn elementary student, was recently featured in the St. Maries Gazette Record after he won the local spelling bee. Below are his questions and answers as they appeared in the March 5th publication. 

Spelling Bee

Corbin Scheer was the fourth grade spelling champion at Heyburn Elementary’s spelling bee Jan. 30. He spelled market to win.

Did you expect to win the local bee? Are there any perks to being the winner?
Not really because I wasn’t a very good speller before and I just thought someone else would win. But I did do some practicing and it helped.  Not really any perks. Just what I already do. I hang out with my friends and play.

Was there someone you thought would win? 
Yeah. (There’s a girl) in my fourth grade class who is really smart. She never talks a lot but she is really smart and I thought she would beat me because she is so smart. I was kind of nervous. There were a bunch of people in the audience and it can be scary when you are up there for the first time. There were a lot of good spellers. My winning word was market.

So now you’re headed to the regional bee in March. Are you nervous?
Yeah. There’s going to be a lot more people. And I will compete against fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders. I’m up against kids in middle school. It’s also in Coeur d’Alene, which is a bigger place. I have been to NIC with my mom because she coaches volleyball so we went there for volleyball tournaments. There won’t be very many kids there that I know except for the fifth grade winner from our school.

What are you doing to practice?
I’ve been trying to start practicing the words that my teacher gave me. I usually try to practice for two hours in the morning and in the evening. I try to get a few words in. My mom helps me and she is really good because she knows all the words and all the definitions. There are 375 words on the list and 375 definitions.

What advice or tips have you received?
My uncle told me if you go to the park and there are people there just sit down on a bench and start spelling words. My mom told me to just practice in front of family, to spell words to them.

Are there any words you’re worried about? 
There are going to be some pretty big words. There’s a whole bunch of them. I can’t think of any right now. The ones at the local bee were kind of easy. But the new words are hard. That’s why I’m trying to practice so much. I think there are also some words in the list that are foreign words and so they can be hard. Carriage has been a hard one for me.

Do you have any favorite words you like to spell?
My favorite word to spell is Mississippi because it’s a word that I didn’t know how to spell for a long time. It’s a long word and I am now able to spell it. It’s a good word.

Any tricks you use to help you do better when you are on stage?
I just try not to think about it. I look over the audience and that helps a lot.

I know you are probably nervous for the regional bee. Are you excited?
Yeah. I think I should do pretty good. Maybe stay in for a few rounds. I think I should do okay. I have a lot of self-confidence. And some of my friends, and my family, will be in the audience too.

What are your favorite subjects in school and why?
I like math and spelling. Spelling because I always do get good grades. I like math a lot. I’m pretty good at it and I learn lots of stuff that I can use when I’m grown up.

When you’re not practicing for the regional bee, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I like to ride dirt bikes. And I play sports. My mom coaches volleyball so I go to volleyball tournaments with her. I really like playing sports. It’s a favorite of mine.


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