All that and a bag of chips


… or a newly built home, a newspaper subscription, a couple gallons of heating oil for your home, an insurance policy, a prepaid cellphone plan … the list goes on and on.

And that’s the point of a new Web site developed to showcase many of the great products you can buy right here in St. Maries.

Show Me St. Maries was created and built to highlight St. Maries businessmen and women and retailers and to show off the good thing that we have going on right here.

But mostly it was produced to tell the stories behind the businesses, to peel back the layers behind the advertisements.

We all know what a certain store has to offer (gasoline, books, DVDs, etc); what we might not know is why they do what they do.

Take a second and get to know some of your favorite businesses a  bit better. Learn about their families, their motivations and their civic-mindedness.

If we take a second to look close enough, we’ll notice that we’re all bound by a common thread. That thread can vary, of course, but it usually comes back to family.

As you look through each businesses’ pages, you’ll find that family is a common motivator for each company. It’s the driving force behind what fuels each of us, business owner or not.

So, start here: 

poke through the pages, and share our site with your friends, family and whoever else might be interested in learning more about the people they do business with every day.

Thank you.

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