We Wanna Show You Something

We want to show you lots of stuff, actually, but what we’re most interested in introducing you to – today, at least – are our Main Avenue ¬†attractions, our stores. But we want to do more than just show you around downtown St. Maries, we want you to get to know us, which is why we have created a sister site to this one in Show Me St. Maries. Show Me is a place to learn more about us, read […]

Get to know us

There are lots of ways to experience St. Maries. You can explore her trails, waterways or courses; you can lose yourself in her surrounding wilderness; or you can get to know the people, members of the community and the shopkeepers. To be able to tell their stories, we’ve created a new page – an offshoot of this one – Show Me St. Maries, and we urge you to take a second to glance through it to read about your friends […]

All that and a bag of chips

… or a newly built home, a newspaper subscription, a couple gallons of heating oil for your home, an insurance policy, a prepaid cellphone plan … the list goes on and on. And that’s the point of a new Web site developed to showcase many of the great products you can buy right here in St. Maries. Show Me St. Maries was created and built to highlight St. Maries businessmen and women and retailers and to show off the good […]