Get to know us


There are lots of ways to experience St. Maries.

You can explore her trails, waterways or courses; you can lose yourself in her surrounding wilderness; or you can get to know the people, members of the community and the shopkeepers.

To be able to tell their stories, we’ve created a new page – an offshoot of this one – Show Me St. Maries, and we urge you to take a second to glance through it to read about your friends and neighbors and all the work they do to not just keep their business running but St. Maries chugging along as well.

We told you about this exciting new site in an earlier post, and since then have added a few new businesses, so be sure to click around a bit to read everyone’s story.

Grab a cup of coffee and click here:

Show Me St. Maries

You’ll be glad you did.

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